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Foot Petals - Heavenly Heelz - Seaside Soles

Foot Petals - Heavenly Heelz


These Heavenly Heelz Foot Cushions by Foot Petals help keep heels from slipping in and out of shoes! Wow, a multi-functional cushion that not only helps prevent blisters on your heels, but can also be used at the inside top of a mule, boot or slide to ease friction or help with sizing. Try them with your hosiery to stop runs and prevent slipping and sliding. Get three pairs in the value pack!Foot Petal cushions are made of PORON or TECHNOGEL. Poron is a performance urethane, a non-latex, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly material. PORON is a breathable, open cell material which allows air to escape, keeping your feet cool and dry.

  • Made Of Poron or Technogel 
  • Provide Virtually Invisible Cushions That Stop Annoying Painful Issues.
  • Three Times Lighter And Thinner Than Gel
  • Protect bones, tissues, and cushion the sensitive ball-of-foot area.

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