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Huma Blanco

Adriana Crocco is the designer and creative director for Huma Blanco, whose goods are produced in her family-owned workshop. Adriana is a third-generation shoemaker from Italy. Her grandfather migrated to Peru from Genoa after World War II to build a workshop that unites the shoe artistry mastered in Italy along with the handcraft tradition of the Incas of Peru.
The workshop is well known for making beautiful shoes for noted designers from all over the world. After many years producing for others, Adriana was able to find her own creative voice and launched her own collection. Huma Blanco's aesthetics come from Adriana's skillful sourcing of South American materials and strength of master craftsmen that her factory employs. Each pair truly has a unique handmade feel that is rare in this modern age.
Every collection is very personal to Adriana. Every detail is built each day in the workshop and nurtured from the collective effort and by the friendship and bond she has with the makers themselves.